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About Us

Internet Find a recently established digital advertising company looking to grow and build a strong presence within the online marketplace. Self-funded, Internet Find has a fully functional online marketing platform that represents a new sort of technology: a hybrid between a search engine, a business directory, and a search engine optimisation system to generate leads and deliver traffic. The management team is committed to making the business a success and have built Internet Find with a long-term view in mind.

Businesses pay a monthly or annual fee to list their products and services. There is also the potential for other revenue streams, such as premium listings, permission marketing, Key word implementation and listing on multiple popular web sites to increase traffic. Established for the Australian market place initially, this is a business that has a constantly growing market. There are over 2.2 million businesses registered in Australia and that number increases each year. These businesses are becoming more and more internet-aware and their online marketing spend is increasing annually. Internet Find allows businesses to display on multitude popular websites helping to increase business brand awareness and deliver traffic, in other words Click Find gets your business displayed on popular sites on the internet.

Keywords and search queries for web content are words or phrases typed into a search box. The search engine will then deliver the most relevant results for queries based on the content, Internet Find established the technology to implement your key words into the system to give business their best potential for a targeted market. Internet Find’s initial marketing and PR is starting to pay off, with interest and awareness growing day by day. This is reflected in increased website traffic and business listings in today’s marketplace.

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